This story, written by a retired Air Force Brig. General, says a lot about how people are acting today.
I won't place just a few excepts, but just one, which is at the end of the story. Instead I ask you to read the entire story and then ask yourself if this is the way we want our country to be seen in the world's view.

My country: Where did it go and will I ever get it back?
The current national political atmosphere is very damaging to our values and, in turn, to the security of our nation. I fear that unless we act swiftly and determinedly, our Great Experiment could come to an end. History shows how rapidly great civilizations can unravel and meet their demise.

We are now at a crossroads. We can continue the recent pattern of un-American behavior exhibited by many, or take a step back, consider the potential consequences of such behavior, and return to civility and respect for the rule of law.