First thing that hit my mind was "Cool Hand Luke".
Imagine only making $10.25 an hour ? Then asking for protective safety equipment. Only then you find out your job has been replaced by state prisoners !

Outrage Rises as New Orleans Replaces Striking Garbage Workers With Prison Labor Equal to “Modern Day Slavery”
Last week, according to PayDay Report and Louisiana local news, dozens of garbage workers employed by the temp service People Ready went on strike demanding proper safety equipment. The workers, who make only $10.25 an hour are also demanding hazard pay and paid sick leave.
Many have responded in outrage about the practice, equating it with modern day slavery considering the prisoners pay rate and working conditions.
Local residents, union workers, hospitality workers and health care professionals — all impacted by the coronavirus — have voiced support and concern for the sanitation workers. The workers said they will keep fighting until they get the pay and protection they need.
“They are trying to show the world that people will still do our job without giving us the proper protective equipment,” Woods said. “All of it is a hustle for them, a scam for them. They saving money that’s all they are doing – that’s all it is”.