Information to those members in the Florida area that may need help during the country's virus crisis.
The first part is a link to assist those who may need food at this time.

Any unemployed/laid employees are eligible for food stamps at this time. Please apply using the included link to the My Florida website!
The link is contained on the local web site and here:

The second link is a call for action to address the trade and exhibition industry. Freeman decorating was always a big player in the exhibit halls while I worked at CF. I know the whole industry is grappling with no work and are asking others to help advocate for the industry. The Orlando area has a large presence in the exhibition industry. With Disney World closed, I can only imagine the despair in the area right now for all working people.

“We estimate that this pandemic will result in a loss of more than a million jobs due to canceled events alone, and we need to rally together to make sure these voices are heard,” said Bob Priest-Heck, CEO of Freeman, the world’s leading live events and brand experience company. “The live events ecosystem helps nurture, incubate and promote millions of small businesses who rely on live events to achieve not only their own goals, but to promote new technologies, new inventions, new cancer treatments — we connect people who are changing the world.”

Teamsters Local Union 385