Union, C&S at odds over Jessup grocery warehouse

C&S agreed with the Landover grocer in April to transfer the dry goods operation to Jessup Logistics, a C&S affiliate.

While workers have been increasingly uneasy about the transfer, following C&S's closure of a warehouse it took over in Woodbridge, N.J., things came to a head Tuesday, Brooks said. He said C&S had given him verbal notice that it planned to close part of the dry goods facility and transfer those jobs to its automated facility in Pennsylvania, which would affect at least 600 union jobs.

C&S spokesman Bryan T. Granger said in an e-mail to The Gazette that no such notice was provided, although the company did discuss a partial shutdown with the union.

"There is no such thing as a verbal WARN notice," Granger wrote, referring to the federal labor law requirement that employers provide 60 days notice if they plan to lay off workers.