Union urges shoppers to return to Schnucks
After 277 days of boycotting Schnucks Markets, the 102 members of Teamsters Local 688 still working in the Schnucks Bridgeton warehouse ratified a new five-year contract March 20 that guarantees their job security for the life of the agreement, Local 688 Chief Executive Officer Mike Goebel told the Labor Tribune.

Acceptance of the new agreement immediately ends the nine-month boycott.
Thus ends a massive boycott of one of the community’s leading food chains that began June 17, 2016.

The boycott was preceded by an informational handbilling campaign that began on April 9, 2016 when the company fired some 200 veteran Teamster warehousemen and 30 management employees and transferred their jobs to a new scab warehouse built in Kinloch that hired all new workers through a non-union distribution company.

But just weeks ago, Schnucks fired the firm — XPO Logistics — who then turned around and sued Schnucks. XPO will continue to run the Kinloch warehouse until April 20 but with a skeleton crew. Most of the scabs where fired when the lawsuit was announced.
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