(MIAMI) – Sysco workers notched another union election victory today after 130 warehouse workers voted for Teamsters Local 769 representation. The workers join 132 drivers at Sysco South Florida who won their election to join the union in February.

Travis McCrea, 35, a forklift putaway worker, said increasing insurance costs and the company’s two-year anti-union campaign in the warehouse drove him and his co-workers to victory. “Every year Sysco increase the insurance, but they don’t increase the wages. I was tired of the promises to fix things. I wasn’t turning around and wasn’t letting anybody else turn around, either.”

Today’s victory is the fifth union election win at a Florida Sysco facility since 2016, with nearly 500 workers voting overwhelmingly for a voice in the workplace. “Florida workers are fed up with Sysco’s abuse of the law, its bullying in the workplace,” said Josh Zivalich, President of Teamsters Local 769. “They know a Teamster contract is their only protection and they’re willing to stand together to fight for fairness and justice.”