By: AFX | 11 Nov 2009 | 02:21 PM ET By Basil Katz NEW YORK, Nov 11 (Reuters) - U.S. truck operators are under pressure to improve energy efficiency as rail companies tout their green credentials and bid to win more freight haulage. The American Trucking Association says trucks transport about 70 percent, or 10 billion tons of all U.S. freight annually. But they use at least three times as much energy as trains per ton carried, analysts say. The recession cut the amount of freight hauled around the country more than 10 percent compared to last year, says the American Trucking Association.

But that was a temporary blip. "As we expect a tremendous increase in freight volume in the coming years, we believe there are significant economic, environment and efficiency benefits in moving as much of it as possible on rail," said Robert Sullivan, of CSX, the third-largest U.S. railroad by revenue
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