New transportation sector technologies are poised to have a big impact on transportation jobs. Speaking on RadioLabour, Cassandra Ogren of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters says as the new technologies come on line it’s important to protect and preserve jobs in transportation.

[Cassandra Ogren]: “Looking forward what we really need to look into is both understanding the short and medium term impacts of technology on our members jobs, how we can bargain over impacts as our contracts come up for re-negotiation and how we can consider also whether technology can make jobs better.”

Ogren says the challenge is not just how to deal with emerging technology but how to make sure that workers aren’t the victims of technology advancement.

[Cassandra Ogren]: “In a lot of sectors of trucking for example we’ve got a lot of drivers misclassified as independent contractors or owner-operators being paid very little. We really need to think through how we can improve jobs throughout the logisitics sector to make the jobs more secure, less precarious and safer for our members and for workers throughout those sectors.”
Teamsters Look Down The Road At Tech Impacts On Transportation Workers – Workers Independent News