We believe our union is at a crossroads after 17 years of the Hoffa administration. Look at the Hoffa record.

Our national contracts are weakened or broken. Our grievance panels are company dominated.
Our pension funds—strong when he took office—are in grave danger.
Our organizing program aims for the easiest wins—not building Teamster power.
Our members—our best resource—are demoralized and detached from our union.
Our efforts to clean up our union are frustrated by Hoffa’s reliance on corrupt power brokers.

But opposing Hoffa is not enough to earn the endorsement of TDU. We are all about a positive program for building Teamster Power.
Teamsters United is led by Fred Zuckerman, who has never been a TDU member, but is a leader who has earned our respect with his stands and his actions in support of Teamster members. Teamsters United is also a diverse team of experienced national leaders, local leaders and new leaders, from all sectors of our union and representing various views.
Why TDU Backs Teamsters United - Teamsters for a Democratic Union