Alden Global Capital, one of the most predatory of hedge funds, has been trying since last December to mount a hostile takeover of the Gannett newspaper chain.

Gannett, with over 100 dailies and nearly 1,000 weeklies and 19,000 employees in 43 states, is one of the main surviving newspaper chains.

Legacy chains like Gannett have been laying off workers. They are not exactly the heroes of this story, but they do maintain some residual commitment to journalism. Outfits like Alden, which treat news, shoes, real estate, and workers as just so many objects of financial plays, are far worse.
This time, two unions that represent Gannett workers, the NewsGuild-CWA and the Teamsters, are playing a major role in impeding Alden’s plans. The Guild has contacted Gannett shareholders in advance of the Gannett shareholders’ meeting on May 16, urging them to vote down the Alden proposal.