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This letter went out a few days ago from the NLRB. If any former or current OHFL employee did not receive a copy contact your Local or the names listed on the letter. If you can't read the letter send me a PM with a valid e-mail address and I can send a .PDF copy to you.

Couple of other things:

I was talking to my Local the other day and according to the latest tally it seems that OHFL could be on the hook for about $30 million and counting to the Teamsters H&W Trust for illegal withdrawal from the Plan. While it won't do any members a cent of good it is bound to inflict some pain on the Brothers. I hope that they have to pay the full amount.

Negotiations are on-going with OHFL dragging out the meetings with little progress being made. I can only guess that they are waiting for the NLRB to be full of the current administrations appointments so they can screw the employees even more.

Membership in the Union is about 50% or less from the way I understand it with the outlaying barns only having one or two members , if any.