A few years ago, no one had ever heard of XPO Logistics. But today, after borrowing billions of dollars to buy up and attempt to integrate freight and drayage companies, warehouses and other pieces of the global supply chain, XPO is acclaimed as one of the largest transportation companies in the world. And its CEO, Bradley Jacobs, is lauded by some as an industry titan.

But there is a monumental speed bump on Jacobs’ limousine ride to the top of the logistics industry: the haunting specter that Jacobs’ workers across globe are beginning to organize and fight back—together! In the U.S., workers at XPO are eager to build a union with the Teamsters. The company’s response is to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in an ongoing effort to deny these workers their federally protected right to organize.
Jacobs, facing increasing discontent from his workers, has repeatedly attacked the Teamsters, most recently at an industry conference where he said that the union was “out of control.” Jacobs has tried to drive a wedge between the Teamsters and European unions with whom he claims XPO has “cordial, respectful, courteous” relations.
Workers Of The World Unite Against Global Greed | The Huffington Post