Josue Alvarez, a misclassified truck driver from XPO Logistics in Southern California, testified at a hearing for the "Protecting the Right to Organize Act" at the United States House of Representatives.

Sections of the "PRO Act" would make it easier for misclassified workers to be properly recognized as employees.
“We should be able to go to the table and bargain for the rights we’ve long been denied like vacation days, sick days and better pay,” said Alvarez. “Taking a vacation or sick day shouldn’t mean coming home to a negative paycheck.”
Misclassified workers at XPO yards across Southern California have been fighting for years to be properly recognized as employees and to form their union.

“XPO does what it can to fool workers into buying in to this business.They try to sell us a dream. My paycheck comes with a statement attached. It tells me how much I made per load and then lists deductions for insurance and miscellaneous administrative fees. I have no idea what some of the administrative costs really are or if they are legitimate. And because I am misclassified, XPO is able to push operations costs like taxes, diesel, parking, tags and more onto me,” said Alvarez.