From: "Grant Coleman" <>

Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 1045 -0700
Subject: This was asked on the A Better Deal for FedEx Employees | Stronger Together website

Ex announced the new compensation package for FY12. They have basically said
screw you long time employee. I have 21 years of service, the maximum raise I
can get with an almost perfect review score is 2%. They took away the long term
service raise that they just began a couple of years ago also. Last year I got
2% for long term service and 3.75% at my review. That was 5.75% last year. I'm
sure the only reason Fed Ex gave decent raises last year was because Teamsters
was breathing down their necks. Now that employees have wimped out on voting
Teamsters in, Fed Ex will go back to their gouging of employees, especially
long time serving ones like myself. Wake up Fed Ex employees and stop wimping
out when you have a chance to have you voice heard!!!!
you for your post. I don't think the employees are wimping out. Organizing
drives like this can take a very long time, and this one is know different.
FedEx's response to the*Teamsters by giving everyone raises is normal, but
like any corporation that's non-union they will try to get that money back when
they think the coast is clear. I'm sure if the employees do the math vs.
Purolator and UPS over the last five years they will see how far they are
behind without having a contract.