Yes this is about the aircraft but found it to be pretty interesting.

This program looks at the long history of criminal violations of airline safety rules by FedEx management and collusion with FAA officials and OSHA officials who have done extensive damage control for the criminal activity of this corporation. Brian Gruzalski, an LAX FedEx mechanic talks about the culture at Fed-Ex and how he and other mechanics sought to protect the workers and public and were physically threatened, bullied, slandered and terminated.

On October 23, 2018 a Los Angeles Federal jury ruled that the company had retaliated against the OSHA whistleblowers for reporting on serious OSHA and FAA health and safety violations. A Los Angeles Superior Court jury sent a powerful message in support of whistleblowers by awarding over $8 million to three employees who complained about unsafe airplane repairs and suffered retaliation: an airplane mechanic (Brian Gruzalski), the mechanic's supervisor (Stanley Langevin) and their manager (Mark Collins), according to the suit.