This would be fantastic!!! I buy a lot through Amazon and I am not too happy with their tactics. I am not a whole foods buyer. Too expensive. I prefer Sprouts.

(AURORA, Colo.) – As Amazon considers Denver for its new headquarters, the online behemoth’s food distribution network faces legal scrutiny for violations of federal labor law that protect workers’ rights.

Region 27 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a complaint last week against UNFI and Albert’s Organics – Amazon-Whole Foods’ largest supplier nationally – for obstructing workers’ rights at its Aurora, Co., facility. The regional office found merit to workers’ charges that it had threatened, intimidated and harassed employees management believed to be union supporters. A hearing is set for March 27.

Mike Gibson, a UNFI mechanic, is among about 250 workers seeking Teamsters Local 455 representation at the Aurora site.

“This company is making its own rules and expecting everyone to follow them. It’s not right. So, I’m here to stand up for the employees – for workers’ rights – and the company doesn’t like that,” Gibson said. “But I’m within the laws. They’re not. And they are doing everything to stop what we’re trying to do through fear and intimidation.”