If you are paying for your own healthcare coverage, which company and which plan did you choose? Do you have a high deductible so the monthly payment is low, or do you pay upfront to get close to full coverage?

Anthem Blue Cross was my choice for my current healthcare insurance needs after my benefits were dropped. Even though casual drivers must make themselves available more hours than full-time regular drivers, being open to work anytime from 4 am to after midnight as needed, and though we may come close to full-time, it was decided we would not have healthcare benefits, and we do not know if we are covered until the end of each month when the average hours are added up....so, even if we get benefits it ends up being a sort of double coverage.
So, for the first time in years I had to choose my own policy. My policy of choice is a very cheap one only covering me for catastrophic events to prevent me from going broke if something big happens. Anything under $5000 per year I have to pay for, but I just cannot afford the $600+ per month Cobra payments.
What do you think? I'm going to be getting about 80 hours a month for the Summer.