Teamsters Local 332 prepares to picket Genesys : News : WEYI NBC25

They say they're scared of losing their jobs, and they're scared for their patientís safety if they decide to go on strike.

"You know they used to make me feel like a valuable employee and now they make me feel like I am being stepped on all the time," said Teamsters Local 332 Member, Connie Hosler.

Connie Hosler has worked at Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc Township for 28 years. But this Tuesday she'll be picketing her employer.

"I love this hospital, Iíve put my whole heart and soul into this hospital, and now the morale is so bad," said Hosler.

Teamsters at Local 332 have been working all day, making signs in preparation for next week's picket, but they say it's just the beginning of what's to come.

The union president says they have little choice but to strike after contract negotiations ended abruptly Thursday when Genesys handed the Teamsters a final offer. The offer would reduce hospital staff.

"The safety of the patient goes with the nurses, removing LPN's is a terrible idea because it puts a hell of a lot bigger load on the nurses, and they can't handle that," said Dan Galliway, a member of Teamsters Local 332.

Pam Galliway is an RN with Genesys, she says she fears for her patientís safety if she goes on strike.

"They have beds in the O.R. that have been malfunctioning, where all of a sudden the bed will go into a slant, and there have been a couple of times where they have almost lost fresh surgical patients on the floor," said Pam Galliway, an RN with Genesys.

But Genesys says their clinical quality is among the top one percent in the nation.

"Yeah, we have awards for having the best patient care in the nation, but itís people like us that do that," said Hosler.

The union president says the hospital is trying to force a strike so Technical Teamsters can be replaced with non-union employees.