UPDATE: Teamsters ratify new grocery contract with 95% vote | West Seattle Herald / White Center News

In Tough Economy - Grocery Store Workers Stand Up Together, Protect Health & Pension Plans, and Wages

Press Release:

Over nine months of contract negotiations, grocery store workers across Puget Sound took actions and stood up together. The big chain grocery stores had come into negotiations proposing serious cuts to nearly every part of the contract, for current and new employees. Those efforts to gut the contract were stopped as the fight to secure a fair contract led to the brink of a strike in mid November – the first in this region since 1989.

“This shows how regular working people – when they stand together – can make their boss sit down and agree to a reasonable compromise,” said Tasha West-Baker, a Safeway worker from Seattle. “They wanted to use the tough economy as an excuse to cut our pay and benefits, but we didn’t let them. We secured a better future for ourselves and our families.”