UAW Talks Run Into Detours, Delays With Ford and Chrysler -
Jeff Bennet-WSJ Staff Reported
Meanwhile, the UAW plans to begin serious negotiations on financial matters with Ford on Monday. The challenge is that Ford's union workers—about 41,000 in total—are expecting to claw back many of the concessions they provided the auto maker over the past four years amid the auto maker's ongoing profitability and Chief Executive Alan Mulally's $26.5 million pay package for his work in 2010.

UAW workers will be looking for bigger signing bonuses as well as a bump in entry-level pay that either matches or exceeds the $2 to $3 GM workers will receive if their contract passes. Ford, the only one of the U.S. auto makers not to file for bankruptcy in 2009, is looking to hold the line on costs in order to remain competitive.