Union employees at Hinckley Springs have been walking the picket line since June 23 over what they claim is the refusal of current owners to negotiate a fair contract.

Members of Teamsters Local 710, which represents production workers and drivers at the local Hinckley Springs plant at 6055 S. Harlem Ave. in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood, could be seen walking along Harlem Avenue Friday afternoon.

Union representatives and local employees said that negotiations with ownership, DS Services of America Inc., broke down June 25. Employees said that the company refused to negotiate with the union and have indicated that they want members to take a pay cut while taking on more responsibilities.

That has union members angry.

“We are dealing with a soulless, corporate entity,” said Anthony J. Lamy, a union organizer who grew up on Chicago’s Southwest Side.
Hinckley Springs workers go out on strike