I sure wouldn't want cameras in my office!
“The security cameras are going to be installed in public places but also in offices where people work,” Mr. Smith said. “We’re not opposed to cameras for security reasons, but when they’re in locked areas — we just want to negotiate, and the town has refused to even negotiate. We’re not opposed to security cameras in the town hall, but we just want to negotiate. People think that just because you are opposed to security cameras, you have something to hide. How many employees are working under that environment? I don’t think many do.”

Mr. Smith said the town has not informed the Teamsters whether the cameras will include visual and audio features, or just visual.

“There are no plans for them to be audio in the future,” Mr. Gray said. “The purpose of these cameras is safety and security of town employees and the public that visits the buildings they own. There is no other reason for them and I have said it to Teamsters repeatedly. ... I am not going to negotiate public safety.”
Watertown Daily Times | Teamsters concerned about cameras monitoring Massena town employees