This is getting very interesting.

WASHINGTON — As the bitter divide between ride-sharing and taxi companies continues to grow, one union is trying to unite all the drivers, no matter who they work for.

The Teamsters think they can have it both ways — organizing drivers from Uber and Lyft on the West Coast and defending the taxi unions on the East Coast.

In Seattle, the Teamsters have aligned with both traditional taxi drivers and drivers who use apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. The recently created California App-Based Drivers’ Association, an affiliate of the Teamsters, is recruiting ride-sharing app drivers in some of the Golden State’s largest cities. And representatives say that though there’s nothing in the works as of yet, they wouldn’t be opposed to having traditional cabbies sign on as well.

But back east in D.C., the Teamsters refuse to work with the Uber drivers. The union said Uber and Lyft drivers in D.C. are operating “illegally,” and before they even consider working with them, they’ll have to adhere to local law.