Hmm, so what do you all think about this one?

Teamsters Local 727 said Monday it has filed a charge of unfair labor practices against Brookfield Zoo after it laid off about 60 employees.

The union said the workers, including some groundskeepers and animal keepers, were furloughed Friday with no notice and no compensation in violation of the contract. The zoo said it consulted with its labor attorneys to ensure its action complied with the collective bargaining agreement.

The zoo promised the workers they could return once visitors are allowed back. It is closed by state order to combat the coronavirus.

The Chicago Zoological Society, which runs Brookfield Zoo, said it also laid off some nonunion personnel to cope with “unprecedented and unanticipated” financial pressure. It declined to say how many workers were laid off in total. The union said about 90 of its members continue to work at the zoo.