I am not surprised. We are at a place now where workers rights are suddenly going to become very clear. Who has them and who doesn't. As you read this article you will see this is pretty anti-union, but I have seen enough on the internet to see that workers are extremely unhappy with the fact that many are being put at risk with the pandemic. If anyone ever thought their company cared about them, I think they are seeing the light now.

Big tech companies by and large have remained union-free over the years unlike their peers in other industries such as retail and manufacturing. However, earlier this year – and before the COVID-19 pandemic upended workplaces across America – unions scored their first major organizing victory in the tech sector when employees at Kickstarter voted to form a union. According to at least one recent report, more tech company workers may soon be following suit.

The Teamsters, Communications Workers of America, and the Office and Professional Employees International Union all reported an uptick in inquiries from non-union employees about prospects of unionizing the companies they work for, including in the tech and gig economy sectors. One of the reasons cited by these workers was a feeling that not enough is being done to protect employees against the spread of COVID-19, particularly those who work in e-commerce fulfillment centers or drive for ride-sharing apps. There also was concern by employees who were, at least at one point, denied remote work arrangements when they believed their jobs were suited for such an arrangement.

It remains to be seen whether organized labor will be able to augment its numbers based on these workers’ concerns. Several things may complicate any such efforts, including unprecedented layoffs and an almost singular focus by people across the nation on the ongoing pandemic itself.