Pretty sure I posted about this company several years ago but not finding it in a search now. Looks like the company management is still up to no good.

After more than a year of negotiations for a first contract, this January B&H announced that it was transferring its warehouses from Brooklyn to Florence, New Jersey.

They claimed this was because the lease was up for the Navy Yard warehouse, and therefore they had to relocate those workers. The company said this was unforeseen and they wanted a space where we would all still be together, which they could only find in Florence, New Jersey. But then they also told us that they had been looking for a space like that in New Jersey for over 10 years.

Although only the Navy Yard warehouse’s lease was up, the company has decided that its Bushwick warehouse will be the first to close, on August 7. This deadline puts pressure on each of us to make a rushed decision among options that only benefit the company:

Move to the Navy Yard warehouse, slated to close in 2018, as a temporary worker with much worse conditions
Transfer to the nonunion warehouse in New Jersey, 75 miles away

Leave the company

To get to the New Jersey facility workers would have to make a daily round trip of six hours on public transport—assuming no delays or cancellations. We would have to take the subway in New York, transfer to New Jersey transit, then get a bus in New Jersey and a taxi to get there. Or if we drive it would be an hour and forty-five minute trip from Brooklyn, but not all of us have access to a car and the cost would be very high. B&H is still offering the same salaries, with no accommodation for transportation.
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