Always, always the usual fear mongering by management.

A worker-led effort to unionize the 498 employees of ATI Cast Products in Albany, Oregon, ended in defeat Feb. 22, with 179 voting to join the United Steelworkers (USW) and 285 voting against.

Why? Union supporter Dan Hoskins says union workers — who feel free to speak their mind — can’t imagine the fear that sweeps through a nonunion plant during a union campaign.

“People are genuinely terrified,” said Hoskins, a titanium straightener at the plant. Hoskins said he’s been through seven attempts to unionize the plant since he started there 15 years ago. “There’s always the week where those of us who are part of the campaign start wearing our union t-shirts and hats. When that happens, people are afraid to be standing next to you. It’s almost like people are wearing a hammer and sickle in the middle of Reagan’s America. They’re afraid of you.”

Again and again, plant managers have waged an all-out effort to stomp out the union. That’s in spite of the fact that USW represents workers at many other ATI facilities around the United States, including two plants in Albany itself: the titanium plant known as Oremet ( Local 7150) and the specialty alloys plant known as Wah Chang (Local 6163).