Tim Battenfield has had enough.

He was one of about 50 people gathered Thursday on York Street outside Owens-Illinois glass container plant to express displeasure with the company and ongoing labor negotiations.

“I’m out here because they keep trying to take more of our benefits and pay away,” the 36-year employee said. “We made this company what it is, and we ask for a little in return — they don’t want to give us anything in return.”

Josh Shanks, the recording secretary for the United Steelworkers Local 195M, said Battenfield and his fellow workers were participating “in a solidarity day.” Similar events were staged across the country at locations where contract negotiations with United Steelworkers Union are ongoing.

“We want to show the community and show the company we’re going to stick together through this — for the last five contract negotiations, we have constantly given concessions to the company,” Shanks said. “They want to gut our health insurance and gut our benefits that have been won by multiple generations of union workers.”

Shanks said employees “don’t want to give up any more concessions,” saying, “there’s no meat left on the bone.”