More job loss in New Mexico. I have lost count of all the call centers that have come and gone from Albuquerque.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Verizon Wireless will lay off 257 employees in May from its West Side call center, which the company is shutting down.

Verizon announced last February that it would close its Albuquerque operation, located since 2006 at a 197,000-square-foot facility at Central Avenue and Coors Boulevard. It’s one of seven call centers nationwide that Verizon planned to eliminate as pat of a broader transition to a “home-based agent” model where employees work from home.
The affected employees were offered the option to become a home-based agent, seek another job within Verizon, or accept a severance package, Brew said.

“Technically, these are not layoffs,” she said. “We presented the employees with those three options when we first announced closure of the call center.”

However, the Communications Workers of America, a union representing about 700,000 people, said many Verizon employees in Albuquerque and other call centers affected by shutdowns are unable to meet company requirements for working from home. That includes working split shifts, weekends and holidays, and having high-speed Internet at home with an extra room for total quiet. The union estimated last year that about 3,000 workers would be laid off from Verizon call centers targeted for closure.