I have family here and I do believe my cousin that passed several years ago may have been a longshoreman (he may have been in this union, Local 9 of the Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers). Good to see this.
WILMINGTON, Calif. – Thousands of union workers marched in solidarity through the streets of Wilmington for the 40th Annual Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Coalition Solidarity Parade and Picnic Rally.

“This is a tremendous thing for not only the community here. But for us, as longshoreman and retired longshoreman to see the power and the passion,” retired longshoreman, Norman Tuck said.

Tuck is a retired longshoreman and one of the first people who marched in the parade 40 years ago where he said about seven trade unions came together to fight for worker’s rights. He said, it’s just as important now to have more than 40 unions and labor organizations come together.

“Attacks on labor are relentless…We need to stay in unity and our motto is an injury to one is an injury to all and when we say all we mean every trade union that is around us today and every person who lives in this community,” Tuck said.

Many marchers like Tuck, come from long family lines of unionized port workers and other unionized trades, which is why labor groups make a point to share the impact these workers continue to make in the community and the nation’s economy.