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    Default After Largest Workplace Raid in a Decade, Immigrant Workers Are Organizing

    The thing to remember here is that these companies keep hiring illegals. Who is really at fault here???

    On August 7 the poultry towns of central Mississippi suffered the largest workplace raid in the U.S. since 2006. Some 680 chicken-processing workers from seven factories were detained and incarcerated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    Ten percent of the population in Morton, Mississippi, was either incarcerated or fired. Parents were detained the same day they had dropped their children off to their first day of school.

    The raid instilled fear not only in Mississippi poultry plants but also among immigrants all over the country. Natalie Patrick-Knox of Jobs with Justice (JwJ) described the ripple effect: “workers feeling scared to report wage theft, dangerous work conditions, and other abuses.”
    Immigrant advocates say ICE targeted these plants because workers were organizing for better conditions. Many were already represented by the Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).
    After Largest Workplace Raid in a Decade, Immigrant Workers Are Organizing

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    Default Re: After Largest Workplace Raid in a Decade, Immigrant Workers Are Organizing

    I think we have a reversal of the civil war. We have the desires of the South taking over for a long long time. We have free trade which was the desire of the Southern Plantation owners. Lincoln and the GOP were for tariffs to protect manufacturing. The South wanted cheap manufactures, cheap labor with no rights. Few people in charge of the world..preferably business owning farmers.

    We have a huge wage gap....1% in total control. Free trade which busted the unions........and we have pretty much an invasion from our southern border...an invasion of labor. An invasion being helped by people who love laborers with no rights. The illegal invaders have no rights.......and they keep wages down throughout the nation.
    Yes..I believe they are being brought here and helped by politicians and their donors.. They are not weak and sick or running from starvation....they are in great working shape at perfect working ages......they are being brought here imo.....there are brand new huge distribution centers here now...they have temp agencies just hiring the new Hispanics brought here for them...the buildings and what goes in them doesn't happen overnight...there are loans involved to build and plan......and people from 1800+ miles from here are part of the plan who cannot speak English.
    I think the traitors and lawbreakers bringing them need to be busted and exposed..no doubt banks and politicians are involved...and the people sent back and brought in the right way.




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