I am hoping that all unions and their members will take a very close look at who they are voting for this time around!

WASHINGTON—The Communications Workers board voted unanimously to make open support of the Protect The Right To Organize (Pro) Act a litmus test for the union’s backing of incumbent lawmakers in next year’s election.

“If a sitting member of Congress or a senator doesn’t vote for the Pro Act to expand workers’ rights, they won’t receive an endorsement for reelection from CWA in 2020,” union President Chris Shelton said on Oct. 24.

“The stakes have never been higher in this election for workers. All incumbent House and Senate candidates seeking the support of CWA members who are gearing up to knock on thousands of doors, make phone calls, and get out the vote must fight to pass this crucial piece of legislation. Our future depends on it.”

The board’s decision came just after the first two House Republicans – Chris Smith of New Jersey and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania – added their names to those of 214 Democrats in co-sponsoring the Pro Act. The Democratic-run House Education and Labor Committee approved it on a 26-21 party-line vote earlier this year and it awaits floor action. .

It also came just after the AFL-CIO organized a mass call-in to Congress by union members nationwide, urging lawmakers to approve the measure, HR2474.