So these are not IBT members but makes me wonder what could happen. And the loss of union jobs in Riverside, CA, where I used to live had to be a big deal. Riverside has never had tons of jobs let alone good jobs.
PHILADELPHIA (PAI)—America’s rail passenger system, Amtrak, is outsourcing union jobs—especially call center jobs—to non-unionized workers. And the railroad’s employees don’t like that one bit.

So that led members of the Transportation Communications Union (a Machinists sector descended from the historic Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters), two federal lawmakers, and the National Association of Rail Passengers to descend on Philadelphia’s 30th Street station for a mass protest in late February.

Their objective: To call out Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson and his outsourcing schemes and put on pressure to halt them. Anderson’s outsourcing and hatred of unions is no surprise: He’s the former CEO of notoriously anti-union Delta Airlines.

Amtrak call center jobs are being outsourced from Philadelphia, in a slow, “drip, drip, drip” of a few jobs at a time, as one speaker said. Before that, Amtrak closed its Riverside, Calif., unionized call center. Some of its 500 workers were shifted cross-country to Philly, but now those jobs are being cut, too.