This week, Teamsters Package Division Director Denis Taylor met with a delegation of Nordic labor union leaders who represent UPS workers in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The delegation included representatives from the United Federation of Danish Workers, the Swedish Union for Service and Communications Employees, the Norwegian Transport Workers’ Union, the Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT and the Nordic Transport Workers’ Federation.

“We have upcoming negotiations with UPS and while we expect the negotiations to be contentious, our day to day concern is enforcing the contract and holding them to what they have already agreed to,” Taylor explained to the European labor leaders, who were in Washington, D.C. as part of a delegation led by Steve Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

Teamsters and Nordic union representatives in the room acknowledged the different nature of UPS operations in the U.S. versus countries in northern Europe where the company employs a smaller number of workers but is looking to expand in the region. They also discussed the significant differences in U.S. labor laws and the system that governs union representation in European countries.