did any know there was a stooge in a london aig office makin all those bets? no.. blame bush..did any know fanny and freddy were takin on 7-8 trillion in mortages alot of it risky? yes bush tried to stop it but fagface barney frank would not allow it. did any know there was a housing bubble goin on for yrs and the banks on wall st were buyin in heavy? no they hid it. did any realize the gov policy of giving mortgages to people unlikely to pay it off goin back to jimmy carter the biggest stooge ever to make the big time would cause a prob..this by the way was a policy of the dems i am proud to say..all this was goin on for many years..why would anyone in their right mind want to be president?..obama wanted the job and i guess it won't belong before they start crucifying him for not knowing all things