In Obama's backyard visits, GOP is the absent foe

In Obama's backyard visits, GOP is the absent foe - Yahoo! News

"DES MOINES, Iowa – A priest expressed concern to President Barack Obama about an unemployed parishioner. A businessman criticized Obama's tax policy. A woman said her son and his friends, once inspired by Obama, "are losing their hope."

Over two days and in four states this week, the president met with people in their backyards to listen to their complaints and hear their fears. He also drew raucous cheers at a college rally.

I LOVE THIS. HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE DISCUSSING THE ECONOMY AND WHAT HE'S DOING ABOUT IT!! His real focus was on people who never showed up: congressional Republicans and their corporate allies who, the president repeatedly said, are trying to thwart his administration's progress and turn the clock back to the George W. Bush era. He said Republicans have been dishonest about what needs to be done to revive the economy and restore middle-class dreams.

With his party facing potentially mammoth losses on Nov. 2, Obama is pouring more time into campaigning. In the backyard visits, he used almost every voter comment or question to pivot into a criticism of the GOP's record on taxes, student aid, even home weatherization.

With time running short, Obama also showed a plaintive side. He poked fun at himself and practically begged those who voted for him in 2008 to turn out this fall for congressional and gubernatorial Democratic candidates...."