Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Teamsters;
Did you know that U.S. companies can currently receive a tax deduction for certain relocation costs when they move jobs overseas? At a time when the nation’s unemployment rate is still too high, why are we rewarding companies for shipping our jobs out of the country?

Some members of Congress don’t understand this either and are actually trying to do something about it. Representative Bill Pascrell of New Jersey and Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan have introduced legislation in both the House and Senate called the Bring Jobs Home Act. If passed, U.S. companies that move jobs or business operations to America from other countries would receive a tax break, not the other way around. In fact, the tax loophole for companies that ship jobs overseas would be closed. These companies shouldn’t be rewarded any longer.

A vote on the Bring Jobs Home Act is expected in the Senate during the week of July 16 th . Please email your Senators today and ask that they “Bring Jobs Home” by supporting this legislation. And to find a “Bring Jobs Home” event near you, please visit We Are One.