Very good. Very intuitive, eye-opening, long read about today's Labor Picture with insight and lessons learned from the past. Yes some changes need to be instituted, decisions made, leaders swapped out if they don't get the message and begin heading in the direction we needed to be headed in twenty years ago...

Yes, the split of labor is STUPID. What do we wind up with? Hostess.
"A problem of labor’s own making afflicts such projects: the lack of a unified labor movement. In 2005, SEIU and several other major unions left the AFL-CIO to form a mini--federation of their own, Change to Win, that focused on unionizing workers in industries that could not be offshored. Seven years later, Change to Win has yet to claim any victories. The fragmentation of the movement has kept initiatives like the AFL-CIO’s and SEIU’s from reaching critical mass. Such efforts require funding from the whole of organized labor, since they don’t produce dues-based revenue even when they succeed. Labor’s fissures remain an impediment to its prospects for fighting bigger battles with potentially bigger rewards."- Harold Meyerson, The American Project- What Happens If Labor Dies?

What Happens If Labor Dies? | Alternet