In a surprise appearance at the 2013 Michigan Republican Party convention, Gov. Rick Snyder urged his colleagues to stay unified and energized, especially as his party is poised to face major political challenges next year.

“Michigan is a target now,” Snyder said, specifically because of the right-to-work laws that the Legislature passed and Snyder signed in December, amid massive union protests at the Capitol.
Snyder defended his decision to support the laws, saying “it wasn’t” a tough decision, “because it was about workers’ rights.”

In 2014, all state and legislative offices will be on the ballot. Snyder hasn’t publicly declared his intention to seek a second term as governor, but political observers say it’s all but certain he will, especially given public remarks like his 7-minute address before the GOP faithful on Saturday.

“It’s time for us to stand up and say we’re reinventing Michigan,” Snyder said. “It’s time to sweep the ticket again in 2014.”
Snyder defends right-to-work, urges GOP to stay unified in surprise appearance | Politics | Detroit Free Press |