So I think something like this would take the jobs away from any union companies.

HARRISBURG — If the state is going to spend $1.8 billion on new roads and bridges, it should get the most bang for those big bucks.

That’s the argument some Republicans in the state House of Representatives are making with regard to Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed transportation funding initiative. They say they want to make changes to the state’s prevailing wage law to be included in the transportation funding package that the General Assembly is expected to work on during the spring.
The wages are determined on a county-by-county basis and vary widely across the state, but they generally result in wages at least 10 percent higher than on non-prevailing wage projects in the same area, according to data from local government groups.

Because the prevailing wage requires a premium that can drive up the cost of public projects, changes to the law should be considered to ensure taxpayers are getting as much as possible out of the new transportation funding plan, state Rep. Gordon Denlinger, R-Lancaster, said.
Pa. lawmakers want to end prevailing wage for transportation projects - The Mercury