On his national speaking junkets, Gov. Scott Walker boasts about having the courage to stand up to public workers. Heíll tell right-wing audiences that crowds of 100,000 protesters outside of his office didnít rattle him. Yet Walker has been so agitated by an unorganized cadre of noontime Solidarity Singers that his administration has spent the last eight months, and thousands of taxpayer dollars, issuing $200 citations to individuals for peacefully singing, holding signs and, in some instances, walking in circles around the rotunda.

Over 140 citations have been issued by the Capitol Police since September 2012 to these individuals, oftentimes delivered at a personís home or through the mail weeks after the alleged violation. Despite the Walker administrationís legal maneuverings, which now involve the Department of Justice, none of these citations has been successfully prosecuted on its merits. To date, approximately one-half of them have been dismissed.
Rep. Chris Taylor: Judge astonished at Scott Walker's attack on rights : Ct