This isn't just about Walker. I checked the status of my state and it looks like our Republican governor is doing a pretty poor job herself! Check where your state ranks.

A few days ago, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch complained that reaching 250,000 jobs in Walker's first term was a "really tough to achieve goal," but what she should have said is that it's really tough for us to achieve.

An extensive analysis by the Business Journal, shows that during Walker's time in office, his annual job growth rate or 1.07% ranks 40th in the nation. The national average over Walker's time in office has been 2.00% and if Walker had simply kept up with the national average, Wisconsin would have 51,200 more jobs than we do today.
Biz Journal Ranks Govs by Job Growth in Office: Walker 40th / Would Have 51K More Jobs if WI Kept Pace with US Average