Here is another ALEC backed situation that is taking away peoples' rights and putting money in the deep pockets of energy companies!
Citizens across the U.S. are attempting to break free of the fossil fuel industry and do what state and federal governments are unwilling to do by installing solar panels. They now face a backlash from politicians and the energy companies they back.
Oklahoma’s House passed a bill last week that would allow those who generate their own energy to be charged by electric companies. The bill received almost no debate, and analysts expect Governor Mary Fallin to sign the bill into law. Incidentally, Fallin has taken in over $26,000 from the energy and natural resource sector in campaign contributions. The amount of the surcharge that was authorized by the bill has not yet been determined. Arizona companies were seeking a $50 surcharge recently.
Once again taxpayers end up paying extra to give big business a break as the government helps enforce a monopoly. The fight against net metering is led by environmentalists’ worst nightmares. The deep pockets of the infamous Koch brothers have backed several attacks on the policy, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is at the forefront of the fight against net metering.
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