Vice President Joe Biden headlined a diverse group of leaders who spoke at the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Workforce Development Summit yesterday, an event sponsored by the AFL-CIO and AFT. Biden was joined by Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and numerous labor, business and community leaders who spoke to a packed house.

Biden said it was important for workers and employers to work together to promote the middle class:

These partnerships provide a seamless transition so folks can go from a classroom to a job, and from job to job within the industry they’re in. Unions have been doing this their entire existence—their entire existence. The IBEW worker working on a high-tension wire, the UAW worker on the assembly line, the AFT teacher in the classroom learning how to organize—organized labor has been responsible for the United States becoming the greatest economic power in the 20th century and will remain so in the 21st century.
Biden: 'Unions Are the Reason We Have the Best Workers in the World'