I have many posts on this site about this company. I know in some locations they are teamsters.

The issue is whether they're employees of the $9-billion waste-handling company Republic Services, which operates the site, or — as Republic asserts — merely of its subcontractor for temporary labor, Phoenix-based Leadpoint Business Services.

In the case brought by the Teamsters, the union maintains that Republic has sufficient control over the wages and work conditions of the Leadpoint workers to count as their joint employer with Leadpoint. The NLRB's general counsel, which says it's taking no position on the facts of the case, supports the Teamsters' interpretation of the law.

A finding by the majority-Democratic NLRB that Republic and Leadpoint are joint employers would "upend American business practices," according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an anti-regulation think tank

NLRB case asks who's really the boss of subcontractors' workers - LA Times