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    Default Re: ESPN Fires Analyst Curt Schilling for Anti-Trans Post...

    Personal opinions by public figures are not needed. If you desire to be in the public spotlight, then keep your opinions to your self.
    So far, what I see and hear are a bunch of people that feel insecure in their sexuality and fear that "person" lurking in the public bathroom.
    I am more afraid of those white men that pray on unsuspecting children, and others, while they portray themselves as heterosexual. The pedophiles are those who walk in secret, those that hide what they do and those that harm children everyday.
    Let's not forget those same guys that dress in suits and tap dance under the bathroom stall.
    The few here that are afraid may be the same ones I fear and watch as my grandchildren use those public bathrooms.
    I am not afraid of those that dress differently, or those that are gay.
    Check this out.

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    Default Re: ESPN Fires Analyst Curt Schilling for Anti-Trans Post...

    Man who repeatedly punched transgender woman pleads guilty | Fox News

    Dixon flirted with Nettles before realizing she was transgender. He then punched her in the face, and she fell and her head hit the pavement. He hit her some more before fleeing. Her death, five days later, led to vigils and protests.


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