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    Default Nabisco Worker Addresses Democratic Drafting Committee in Washington

    Right about now I didn't even want to post something from the AFL-CIO after their endorsement of Hillary but this Nabisco worker had some really good things to say.

    Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Local 300 member Michael Smith was invited to address the platform under the theme “Moving America Forward: Education, Jobs and the Economy.” Smith delivered an emotional statement about his experience as an American worker whose job was outsourced, receiving a rousing standing ovation from the panel and the audience.

    “I and millions of other working Americans have been stripped of our individual identities and essentially thrown on the statistical scrap heap,” he said. “Those that close their eyes to the personal devastation of a job loss in our country, and only count us as numbers, fail to realize the impact of corporations that hollow out the essence of America’s economic vitality, by taking American jobs to countries with low-wage economies and return these foreign products to the U.S.

    “American workers lose their jobs, workers across borders and oceans are exploited for their low wages, products are made in these low-wage economies, shipped back to the States at the same price, and the increased profits end up in the pockets of the CEO that already makes nearly $20 million per year. Everyone in this business model loses except for the CEO. Workers in the United States, workers in Mexico, workers everywhere lose. American consumers, American communities and the entire American economy loses,” Smith said.
    Nabisco Worker Addresses Democratic Drafting Committee in Washington
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