I know there are not a whole lot of members living in Utah, but I have family members there and we have a staff member there. I found this really interesting because the Utah I am used to hearing about seems to be changing. Very interesting candidate.
“If there was ever a chance for Democrats to win Utah, it's this year,” says Snow. “And I believe we'll surprise some people.”

Snow, 31, grew up Mormon. She no longer practices the religion, but there are traces of that history in her campaign. She’s making a progressive vision of family values her theme, and her main priorities are clean air, a $15 an hour minimum wage and paid maternity leave. It’s an agenda that draws on her life experience, and she believes it can appeal to a broad base of voters in Utah.
Trump’s dubious conservative credentials, religious bigotry and general outlandishness have turned off many of the Republican voters in Utah, where he won just 14 percent of the vote in the state’s caucus. Ted Cruz won 69 percent. A June poll put Hillary Clinton and Trump in a statistical tie in the state. Trump is still the favorite, but the lack of enthusiasm for him will probably diminish turnout among Republicans.
The base for Lee’s rigidly right-wing politics, in other words, consists of older people, and Utah is easily the youngest state in the Union. It has a median age of 30, versus the national average of nearly 37, and it ranks second in the percentage of its population who are millennials. The strong youth vote was the key reason Sanders beat Clinton by a margin of nearly 60 points in the state.
Why Trump Puts the Utah Senate Race in Play for Progressives. Yes, Utah. - In These Times