Amen Bernie!!!

[U.S Senator Bernie Sanders]: "We are here today to say as loudly and clearly as we can that we will not allow the earned pension benefits of up to ten million workers to be cut as much as 60 percent. Ain't gonna happen! (applause)."

U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) are introducing the Keep Our Pension Promises Act to restore worker pensions cut by a 2014 law.

Known as the MPRA Act, it weakened ERISA defined benefit pension protections allowing deep cuts in multi-employer pension plans.
Bernie Sanders says if Congress can vote to give hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the rich it can do the right thing for workers.

[U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders]: "If they can support crap like that, surely we can support justice for millions of American workers.
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