I have asthma and I just read yesterday that I could be left out of being insured because of it. Now I can survive without meds, I rarely use them to control my asthma but what about people with far worse medical conditions? How can anyone say this is a good thing? Yep, I broke the rule of how many paragraphs I can post because this needs to be posted!
WASHINGTON (PAI) — The nation’s two big retiree groups, the labor-backed Alliance for Retired Americans and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) are gearing up to defeat Congress’ ruling Republicans’ health care bill. The Senate is now the battle scene.

And with several GOP senators expressing doubts about the measure and its impact on their states, unionists and their allies have a shot at beating it – even if Senate Republicans, writing their own plan, modify the draconian measure the GOP-run House passed earlier.

The House bill would strip health care coverage from at least 24 million people and cause huge, and often unaffordable, premium increases for millions more, analysts say.
The GOP measure not only does not cut health care costs or ensure universal coverage, but particularly socks people with pre-existing conditions. That’s an estimated 84 percent of everyone aged 55-64, Fiesta noted. The GOP measure would let insurers deny them coverage, unless they are federal lawmakers and congressional staffers.

It also would let insurers charge older Americans – those not covered by Medicare or Medicaid – five times as much as other people, compared to a 3-to-1 ratio under the Affordable Care Act, he noted. The GOP’s “American Health Care Act” would repeal the 7-year-old ACA.
Retirees, unions oppose GOP health care bill – People's World